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This is a very well constructed poem with excellent meaning.
The construction of this poem is wonderful, and the word pictures are so sharp. What a message too. Excellent.
Love, love, love that last line! It's a question we should all be asking about ourselves and our behaviour-how does it make God feel about us?
Wonderful structure, beautiful words. I really like this one. You don't write a whole lot of poetry, do you? I could be wrong about that...but if this is a typical example of your poetry, you're very, very good.
I really, really like this. Another example of why I don not write poetry. Excellent. God bless.
This is very good. I like the unique format. The question at the end really makes me think.
Very good rhythm, structure, and emotional depth. Great job.
Do I make God sad? What a question. This is very convicting and powerful. Thank you!
I only wish I could write poetry like this! Great word usage and flow of the poem as well as a subject each of us can contemplate and take to heart. Wonderful!
A very well written poem! :)
Hey, very nice! I like this. Good job.
Can our saddness ever be greater than having made our Creator sad. Wonderful, thought-provoking poem.
This is a well written poem with an excellent message. You did an awesome job with this!
Wow, this is haunting and gorgeous---one of those that if I were a teacher, I'd make my students read this for how well this was crafted.
I really like this for all the great reasons listed above! Super job!