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So true! Our world is so full of people without a shred of modesty or decency or even just plain manners, that no one bothers to be embarrassed any more. In fact, some wouldn't realize they SHOULD be embarrassed by their conduct. Great point!
Thought-provoking indeed!
Brilliant and creative presentation of the coarsening of our society on all fronts. Just as scripture prophesied, we have forgotten how to blush.
Wow! I could keep on reading that one over and over again. I liked all the internal rhymes of the various lines. Well done!
Well, I'm definitely going back to reread this one! Yes, the internal rhyme is wonderfully executed! You've gifted us with a real gem here!
I loved this poem. I want to read it several times and take it all in.. though it makes me sad because of the truth here... I enjoyed it in a truth way
Excellent message and use of poetic devices.