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Very nicely done. I loved that last line.
Beautiful story. Good title. I really appreciate Luke's courage and commitment to the truth. His spirit of forgiveness in the midst of such hurt and rejection is a great lesson to us all.

What a great novel this would be. I would love to learn more about the life of Peter Waldo. And it would be very interesting to follow Luke and his parents through their lives. I'd love to know if Luke ever reconciled with his father and whether or not his father came to know the Lord. It also sounds like Luke was in for many adventures with his new Christian friends.

Very nice work!
I really enjoyed this, too. It has an authentic ring, but isn't just a listing of information. The main characters have depth and personality. Great writing!
A great message beautifully told.
Great writing! and the emotions of all the characters seemed to ring opulling punches here. I also liked the way the elements in nature were used to advance the story and added depth to what was being said/done.
You told this very well. I appreciate how you were able to bring this story to life in the word limit we're allowed.
Excellent storytelling - I would love to hear the "whole story" - this has amazing promise as a historical novel, I think.
So very well told. The young man is brave to stand by his beliefs, even in the face of diversity. I enjoyed this.
This is a deeply moving, well-written article. Such joy this young man has brought to his Father, at great cost to himself! And yet, such is the same that Christ has done for us. May we all strive to do the same. Many blessings, Cheri
Very good historical fiction. The MC was more despaired than embarrassed, tho the theme was there as the underlying reason for his family throwing him out. I like this very much, would like to read more!
Wonderful! I can really relate to what you're doing.
Am I right in thinking this is a sequel to the "Craft" topic?
Am I also right in thinking both are part of a historical novel in the making? They are so well written, I can't see how it can be otherwise. Can't wait to read it.
Authentic voice, and a great sense of time and place. Well done!
This is a powerful, well-written story. Good job. Good voices.
Wise words reminding me of the scripture that says that when mother and father abandon us, the Lord takes us up. Loved the historical moment. Good job.