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This is a very well told story with a wonderful message.
Love the way you gave life to this fantastic message.

I like the "vision" the main character experienced, and the message that became clear to her as a result of it. Great descriptions.
Wonderful transition from the present to the very distant past. Your message was well interwoven in your delivery.
What a story teller you are. You must get this into a children's book somehow. It just needs a wider readership.
Sorry, the second comment of mine was meant for the following article. How it got under yours is a mystery to me.
This is a well done telling. I like the drifting into the past and the rolled-up khakis. :)
Very nice story. A little telly and lots of gray that could have been broke up. But you ministered your point well. And the twist with the vision was way kool. Good job. God bless.
It was creative, weaving the story of Peter into this present-day tale. Nice job!
Very creative - love her little "vision". Convicting too.
This is very good. The story flowed into the past wonderfully and without confusion. Good job. I do have one suggestion: I know the story of the roster crowing three times when Peter denies, but the reader may not. I would try to explain that a little more and not count on the reader to look up the verse.
Opps! You know I mean rooster, not roster.
Good story and a great lesson.
Very good rendering of what a new Christian might go through, and a "flashback" was seamless. Good job.