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Beautiful, just heart-breakingly beautiful! I want to weep with the happiness oozing from your story! Fabulous descriptions - this one should do very well!
This is gorgeous. Your language is beautifully poetic and meaningful and lovely. You absolutely tugged at my heartstrings and put me RIGHT in the middle of this lovely couple's life.
I felt I was there with the couple sharing their memories. Your descriptions are so vivid. Excellent!
"Fireflies begin their ballet, their flaming tutus shock the dusk." OK. Not fair! I had no chance against a line like that! You reeled me in hook, line, and sinker right from the start. What can I say? It's a wondrously beautiful description of a life-long love. A favorite!
This is one of the best I've read--so very beautifully written. You did, indeed, tug at my heart strings with love and beauty and sorrow and faith and contentment all intertwined.
Beautiful. I really appreciated the vivid descriptions you used. Great job!
Absolutely beautiful!
What an utter and total tear-jerker! But in a good way! This piece messes with your emotions and tugs on your heartstrings - just what a good entry is supposed to do. :-)
Purely precious. I adored this.
THIS is wonderful! I absolutely love the sweet domestic picture you've painted here. I can relate to the failed crops statement, and I really love the warm, sweet relationship you've portrayed between this aging couple. If this isn't one of my all-time favorites, then I don't know what is, by cracky! ;0)
This brings tears to my eyes. One of the best kinds of happiness. A joy that doesn't need spoken words to express, a love and a trust through years that mean so very much to those it has touched and guided. Excellent writing, friend! ^_^
A precious and beautiful story. Renews my faith in the love. Can't get much better than this!
Beautiful, touching story. Great descriptions. I love the message that true happiness comes from making it through life's trials.
Wonderful portrayal of a happy life.
You have painted a beautiful picture with your words. Very nice.
This is really good! OH MY.... Talk about wanting someone to play the violins in the background. The first paragraph just blew me away, but the last one pushed me over the cliff. OH MY.... I just loved how their love in the last paragraph was so pure and genuine. Great job!
Indeed, this was good. Congratulations on "highly commended."
Congratuations Leah! This is beautiful, simply beautiful. Well deserved win!
Congrats on your highly commended! ^_^
Congratulations, Leigh! Your entry is one of my favorites!
Congratulations. This is absolutely beautiful. Your descriptions allowed me to "see" everything unfolding. Great job.
Wow, just lovely.
This is such a nice story! A godly husband really makes a difference in a family. I enjoyed glimpsing this family through the years, and your writing made it easy to hear the lady's voice.