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Absolutely love this entry! I can relate to (at this point in my life): Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, and especially, Bashful! (Maybe that's why I can relate to Grumpy!) I'll try my best to bring on Happy...depends on how much sleep I get...or maybe how high the air conditioner is set...Naw! I'll just give Happy a try for the sake of it-and everyone else in the household. Wonderful story. :) Love the title, too!
Wonderful! Enjoyed reading this unique blending of the fairy tale characters and real life.
So good! How creative and imaginative! I like this a lot! Thank you for sharing! =)
How fun! This was a delightful read. Love the voice, AND the wisdom!
Absolutely love it! It's funny, but underneath is truth to be told. Very good.
Wonderful entry and right on target in a "funtasmical" way. Great creativity and thought, and who would have ever guessed that all seven of those little critters live in each of us. Is that why we find them so endearing? Do you think Walt Disney knew this and that's one reason this story continues to entertain us all...just like yours has.
I love the creative metaphors you used for who you are. I guess I'm most like Dopey with some Happy thrown in. Good job.
This is precious! I was smiling as I read through the whole thing and had to shake my head a few times because I was simply laughing too hard. You captured so much in here...and with the seven dwarfs too! This is certainly a fresh look on happy. Very creative-good job! ^_^
I love this entry! I couldn't wait to read about each dwarf to see what clever thing you would say and see how you would relate it to yourself. It is witty, charming and profound all at once. Great job.
I loved your creativity and imagination here and I could totally relate to you.. I laughed out loud in several parts and that is a joy for the comedy write! Thanks for the joy! Dianne