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Isaiah is a great place to start to show Jesus. This was well done and has a ring of future truth to it. Flows well and a good use of words.
Well written. May God give us all this kind of strength should we ever be called to witness in the face of persecution. Thanks for writing this. God bless you.
Good story. One minor point, and I confess I'm being picky here, but my understanding is that a warden is the official head of a prison. The five who came out to do all the beating up would be guards, right? Something to keep in mind when you publish this on a broader scale (and I suspect you will, it's good.)
A great read! I stumbled in the first couple of paragraphs, trying to keep up with the metaphors. Although they were very descriptive, and made me see the scene, I think they would have a better effect if they were spread out more. That being said, I soon fell easily into the cadence of your writing and the drama of of the story. Wonderful job. :)
Very nice. I am unclear of the time (modern, past, etc.) but I'm not sure that matters. I enjoyed it.
Isaiah is the PERFECT place to start - this story was very compelling and sent shivers up my spine. Excellent!
You had my attention from the first paragraph. Excellent descriptions.
Great title, great opening, suspenseful and sound advice and nice ending; what more does reader want? Great job here! Very well done....
Very good voice throughout. detail was great - you made it feel weighty - very appropriate for the setting and dialogue.
Not a comfortable story when one thinks of persecution of Christians, but a happy story, when one remembers that the real basis for happiness is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You did a very job job in presenting this truth.
Wow. Lots going on here. You pull on a variety of emotions and a situation here. Good job.
Powerful! "Loser!" is a winner.
I notice that most Ozzie writers have to allude to their Ozzieness sooner or later. (I relate to "as changeable as Melbourne weather.")
A warning about the extent to which so-called "Tolerance" will go.