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What an inspiration in the midst of tragedy! Very moving story.

This piece was best when it felt like fiction--that's when I could really identify with your narrator and be moved by her conflict. At times it was more of a PSA, and I found myself skimming for the narrator's heart again.

I hope you will share this with your friend, and with lots of local youth groups; it needs to be told.
I recently read about this dangerous "game" and can't imagine why kids want to do this to themselves! But they're kids and not mature enough to realize the consequences. How sad for this family. Thanks for sharing their story.
How sad! This is really well-written. What a message/testimony from Lisa!
I really enjoyed the flow of the story and though a sad story - Its that hope in our Saviour that gives such peace and confidence.

God bless! And thanks for sharing this with us.

Compelling and heartbreaking.
*****AUTHOR’S NOTE*****
When I wrote my story, the real “Lisa” was out of town and I could not get permission to use real names. Shortly after I hit “submit” she returned home and granted me permission to use real names. Charlene Sandel, the real “Lisa” said she was honored and humbled by the story.

She and her husband Byron have established the Blake Sandel Foundation in her son's name and are aligning with GASP at (Games Adolescents Shouldn't Play). They are creating a web site that will follow the GASP model but will include a message of faith.

Blake died this past Spring Break but Charlene Sandel is busy spreading the word. You can contact me for more information about their foundation at [email protected]
Kristen, this is heartbreaking, but it is a message that needs to be told. Thank you for sharing it.
Father, I pray for those who have had their hearts broken in this way. Be with them in a real way, so they know your love for them and their children.
Your piece is a reminder that God gives grace, peace, and even confidence according to our need. I don't think I could be strong either, but "Lisa" received strength from Him. Great story, well-articulated.
I hesitated before reading because I knew from the beginning this would be a sad story. Yet you brought out gloriously the hope we have in Jesus. Good job.
The real, true-life events are the most difficult to write - you did a spendid job with this topic. Your words, joined with those others in prayer will benefit many; and if it helps just one than surely the Angels will rejoice.
Your descriptions are so vivid you can feel the anguish. You have also captured the strength that only God can give the family. This story needed to be told and you did it brilliantly.
You did an excellent job writing this heart breaking yet inspiring story. thank you.
OH MY!!! Goosebump City.... What a powerful piece! I probably won't be able to think about anything else all day. Thank you for making us aware of this epidemic that is killing our children.
A lesson well learned indeed! I like the honest approach to this and the realistic reactions to Tyler's death. Very well done.
What a powerful message, and written with execellence. I hope this story does well, it was simply awsome.
I thought I had commented on this one earlier in the week! I must have gotten distracted somehow.

This needs to be submitted!!!! This has such an important message and you've written it so well Kristen - consider it okay?

Kristen, you've done an excellent job telling this heartbreaking story. Thank you for spreading the word. I had NO idea this went on. Bless you.
You did a excellent job of letting Lisa's testimony shine through such a tragedy. I was very sobered by the reality of your story.
Your delivery was powerful and encouraging. I think you really nailed this topic!
I am proud of you for daring to write such a personal stroy. I know when I write from persoanl experience, it is a much more difficult article to get done in just the right way that I eant it to come across. Well done. The only suggestion I have would be to do a bit more "showing" instead of telling.But possible, it wouldn't have come across like you intended that way. Just something to think about. Wonderful job! Sorry I didn't read it sooner, just now getting around to reading!