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Thanks for the reminder in this very well written story - that we who live in a free society are blessed to be able to worship as we please. Beautifully written, and with a wonderful message for all...including the youth and the teen living in this world today. Nice job!
Wow! What a powerful message in your story. This is wonderfully written and held my interest from beginning to end. Teens could certainly relate to and learn from your main character.
Very powerful and engaging. You kept my interest throughout. Excellent.
Wow! This is very real and powerful, and something teens would grasp onto--although it's about another culture, they could definitely relate. And we don't read enough about mid-East Christians.

I'd suggest a more powerful title, befitting this very moving piece.
I see the word "powerful" has already been used to comment, but it's the most descriptive one for this awesome story. Well done!
This moving story challenged me to consider how I would react in those circumstances, just as I'm sure it would Christian teens. Nice job!
I'm overcome with emotions - instead of powerful, I'll say commanding, compelling, controlling, convincing, dynamic... :) Thank you for this glimpse into another culture,and those who are persecuted for His Name and remain faithful. Beautifully done.
Wow. I am overwhelmed by the greatness of this entry. It is a lot of story to try and pack into 750 words, but you did it perfectly. I can't think of one thing I would change. Overall, just completely wonderful and excellent. I think it is probably my favorite thing you've written. Loved, loved, loved it.
One of my favorite entries for this genre. Wonderfully told story.