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Poor Stacey! The tragedy in her life made me want to run away with her. It is sad that probably way too many young people can relate to Stacey's story. To be betrayed by the father who is supposed to love and protect feel, at least, partially responsible for the break-up of your parents' marriage...too much to bear for anyone, much less a 15 year old. Not to mention that moving to a strange state and a strange high school is challenging for any teenager in the best of circumstances!

This said, the story left me with hope for Stacey. With a praying mom and a God who hears and understands and is easily moved with compassion, Stacey has hope for a future and a life.

Great, empathetic writing. Very good job.
Very good descriptive writing - you set the scenes well, and made your MC come to life. A few minor technical things, but they don't detract from your story. Excellent subject for the genre. Good job! :)
The writer brings this sad saga of a "Night Flight" to a screeching halt in the arms of the law. A great story that happens all too often - and written brilliantly. Cathy (the first commenter) said it so well - and brought me to tears) Yes! I "ditto" her comments. A job well done!
Your writing allowed me to empathize with Stacey the entire episode and never left me feeling I should judge her for what she was doing. I think this is important, because in identifying with her "situation" I was more willing to accept the decision she was making. That her final choice was a wise one, demonstrates how a good writer can lead their readers to nod their heads and agree without feeling they had been "preached" to. In other words, the decision was hers and hers alone without interference from some well-meaning adult. Great job!
Very good job tapping into her feelings on her desperate trek...

I felt that her change of heart was a bit abrupt...drat that word limit!

This will definitely appeal to its intended audience...lots of suspense here.
Very good writing. I empathized with your main character all the way through. Teens would enjoy reading this one!
I felt like I was right along there with her from beginning to end. I also found her change of heart a bit abrupt, but not much you can do with this word count, eh? I was engaged all the way through.
As you can see from the above comments, you really engaged your readers and they got emotionally involved in the life of the main character.
You did lead us up to her change of heart, by mentioning the fact that Mom was praying etc, so maybe a few other factors eg. her sense of loneliness and fear could have been emphasized as well. Once again, the word limit.*sigh*
Sad reading yet uplifting.