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This is a very good story -- great lesson. I wish I had a teacher like Mr. Thompson in high school.

You may have, like, used the word, like, like too much, toward the end. But, like, I only have teenage sons, and they, like, might not use like as much as girls, like, do. :)

And I love the part about the nut-free table. (I have recently acquired major good allergies -- including nuts.)

Fun story. Good lesson. Nice job.
I like, really, love your story! And the characters are colorful and funny. My favorite part was the "nut-free" table, too. Man, what images I got from that one line-I was a room mom and had to worry about all the allergy children! Anyway, your story was just right; not too preachy or too cutesy. Perfect teen reading. :)
Love this story - could see it easily expanded -great job
Great story. I liked how the MC hinted at her Christian beliefs in her thoughts. Subtle, yet not so vague that teens wouldn't understand.