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Very nice! This story flowed and made a very good story for a child. Good job!
Very sweet story. Every child should have such a wise mother and for those who don't, what a comfort to have Rayna's mother visit them in the pages of a story. This story made me want to be a kid again with my mother there to help soothe away my fears and remind me of God's nightlight. Good dialogue. The story flowed nicely. Very enjoyable reading.
I like the flow of this story and the sense of security it could give to a little child hearing it.
Beautiful endearing and reassuring story. Perfectly told. This child is blessed with a wise mother and the readers are blessed for her writing this wisdom down.
Great!!!extremely calming, as I read it I pictured the sights and smelled the smells...I think kids will love it...I'm almost sixty and I love it...dave
This would have been a very comforting story to me as a child. A great topic choice!
Wonderful! I like the way you engage all the senses!
This is just lovely--I felt as if I were on the moon walk with them.
Wow! Makes me feel brave enough to turn my nightlight off at last. ;)
This has a lot of charm. Makes us all appreciate the wonder of night as a part of God's creation. I'll read it to my Grandkids. :)
This is so visual and lovely and charming. I really, truly and honestly love everything about this piece.
What a perfect story for a child who is afraid of the dark. I think it would do wonders for them. Nice!
Very nice, Myrna! I see we had a similar premise for our entries this week. I really enjoyed your story format. A child would be sure to connect with this character.
I love the relationship with the mother and daughter; it was realistic how a mother would try to do something practical to help their child be unafraid. I loved the interaction with the neighbor, as well. Great job!