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Cute story!
What a great story. And what a great example of "Fear Not, for I am with you!" I'd like to see more of this in real life.
Okay, I'm just guessing here, but did our dear saintly Miss Knobbins take off with the loot from the robbery? It was using the term "felonious bosom" that made me suspicious. Otherwise, I would have thought she simply decided that after that adventure, she still had lots of life left in her.

Either way, it is a great story!
This is one of my favorites. You could write a whole book with this delightful character. Your details really add to the story.
Miss Knobbins is much too entertaining to disappear after this challenge. She would be great written into a book series. I could picture her very clearly. Seniors are my absolute favorite group to write about, and you've done a really wonderful job characterizing your senior. This is one of my favorite entries so far. Excellent.
I absolutely LOVED this--from the clever title to the perfect ending and everywhere in between!! Your words, phrases, and sentences were all "simply delicious"! :D And what an interesting character LaPaille is! I think you should get busy writing the second installment about her cruise! EXCELLENT writing! :)
This has it all, charm, fun and "felonious" adventure, indeed! I agree, I would love to see more from this delightful and well developed character!
Hahaha! Awesome. Love it.
I truly loved this and agree there should be a series with this delightful lady. Great job bringing her to life. Well done!
I saw a bit of Jesica Fletcher and Miss Marple rolled into one. Can't help but love this character and her wit and indominable grit.
Love it! This is one of the most endearing characters ever!
Hmmmm ... I WONDER what was IN the bulging old brown purse as she clutched to her bosom? ;)

Hear! Hear! A series has been born on our own FW site! Bravo!

We expect to see more of Miss LaPaille. (I hope!)

(And please, next time, find another seat instead of right in front of mine - it doesn't help me one bit - even if the company IS nice) ;)
Oh, Linda, do I ever LOVE the voice! I was going to put my favorite line, but there are so many! This is absolutely delightful and fun.
"I" - Bravo! Bravo! Standing O! It's so great to see your name on "the list." Wonderful writing, brilliant charcterization. A well deserved place in the winner's circle!
Congratulations! I'm so glad you got the honor you earned with your wonderful character!
This was great Linda. I especially loved the preciseness of it all and your descriptions, which is why it got such hugh marks from me :)
Congratulations on your EC -- great story. I love her, and hope she returns in another story. Nice job.
Love the title! Love the character! Want to see more! Congrats on the EC! Well-deserved!