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Nice surprise ending.
Ha! Nice twist!
You took me for a ride! What a surprise ending.
An exciting story--delightful conclusion!
Great twist, and excellent job keeping the suspense and tension high. There seem to be several "dogs in disguise" this time - but this is my favorite!
Very clever title, and an extremely well-constructed piece. Even though I could tell right away what the "twist" was, I enjoyed every second--it was like being taken through a Masters Class in writing.
So enjoyed the POV of your MC - stayed in character the entire time!
Well... I didn't know it was a DOG until the end! Very clever story. :0)
Oh, that was FUN! Love the dog's POV, love the ending. Thumbs up.
Great job! Your writing kept the immediacy of each moment, which is integral in an adventure.

I do have a question - why were the owners so hostile? I reread it and still couldn't figure out what their deal was. (I'm not a dog owner so it's probably just my complete lack of knowledge, lol)
Well, a dog story. Of course I loved it. I pretty much knew right away it was a dog, but that is because I have been accused of being part dog myself in the past. LOL I just know how their furry little brains work.

And I loved the dog's name!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahah
Way to twist us around Tim! I was going to get really miffed if something happened to him!

You had me going there and I enjoyed it. Fun and funny!
This was great! I loved it.
Very fun. At first I thought you were aiming for a kidnapped somebody, but then the bit with the stream cleared that up and I guessed it to be a dog. Very well written and enjoyable. ^_^
Great stuff here. Loved it all and the twist at the end. Great job. God bless.
I love a story with a good twist at the end! Fantastic!
Ah, now this is FUN! I mean I was clueless that this was a DOG! Masterful from beginning to end. Enjoyed your description of the action - but also the dog's thoughts were quite convincing. Of course when I went back and read it a second time it was TOTALLY OBVIOUS.
LOL! Great character development of your MC. :) Love the title for this story of an artifact finding animal! :)