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That was an awesome read! I found myself holding my breath and feeling like I was right there next to Sammie (and I hate the water!!). I love it when she falls in the water and is going through her mental checklist... very good. And the title is perfect. Nice job! Hope to see this in the winner's circle. Blessings, Cheri
Not my kind of adventure. It scared me silly! So that means it was a good article.
A great adventure--one I'd never be brave enough to take!
There are many things to like about this nail-biter, but what I liked most was the fact that you wrote as one with experience, but in such a way that the inexperienced (namely, me) could understand, even experience it. That's a masterful touch.
Very intense and exciting. You had me shaking throughout.
I've always secretly thought I'd like to take a white water raft trip, but after reading this, I'm scared right out of that idea! Wow...what a story of adventure!
You had me on the edge of my seat all the way through. Loved the adventure AND the happy ending.
Good job! I really liked that "Half check" line!
I wondered if this kind of adventure would be written but you took it so much further than I could imagined. This was gripping, humorous and one reason I read and not do these things! Excellent!!
You nailed the genre! Great job.
This is fun and interesting to read. I like Sammie, she is such a fun character, especially when she's in the water and going through her checklist. Too fun. Great job!