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A lot of good stanzas here, but my favorite and one that (for me)sums up your wonderful message, "Clear morning edges out the night..."

How lucky we are for this truth as well as for writers who can so poeticaly express this enlightening news.
Great writing here! You brought a great message wrapped in a beautiful poem.
This is good. There's a conflict in person here. You might want to change "they moan and weep" to "we moan and weep" and "Stumbling as they seek their way" to "Stumbling as we seek our way". I know this is minor, but, I think it would flow better with these changes. This is such a good poem, it deserves the best. Good job.
Just to clarify...! I did originally have "WE moan and weep," etc., but I wanted to show that it was humanity as a whole BEFORE Christ came to this earth as the Light of the World that were in great darkness as the Bible verse says. Later in the poem I say that the light has reached "my time and place" and touched my life, too. I hope that explains why I made the change. Blessings, Myrna Joy
Absolutely beautiful! So inspirational. Made me want to shout hosannas as well. This poem made me glad to be a Christian. Truly excellent work. Thank you. You blessed my day.
Great tribute to God. Wonderful work.
What a wonderful expression of Jesus, the light of the World. Just today, our Sunday School class was discussing how we are like a flock of sheep, aimlessly trying to find our way. That's what I felt at the beginning of your poem. Our leader asked what we thought it would be like if Jesus wasn't present in our world today. You show that, without him, we are aimlessly walking in the darkness. Our Shepherd brings the light of day to us. Thank you for your vivid description of the light He alone brings to a fallen world. Excellent message, here!
Nice, this one almost sings!

I'm not sure about the line "A lamp for sore and trembling feet." Do sore feet need a lamp?

Consider finding someone to set this to music; it'd make a lovely chorus.
I like the progression in this poem from night to day. I must admit, though, that last stanza sounded too much like cliche to me, especially since the lamb / I Am rhyme is used so often in Christian poetry.
Keep up the good work!