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Good one!!

Mary N
Very convicting piece! I think you are part-preacher! This would make a great "DRAMATIC DIALOGUE." There's enough humor in it but plenty of "meat" that would make us all a little more careful of our words.
Loved it! I'm thinking of a certain person I avoid riding with because she keeeeeeeps talking. But I never thought to pray for her. Thanks for this story. It was well written and message-filled.
quite humorous and well-written. Great monologue. Loved the last line.
Excellent! Bravo! There are three writers who come to mind who might have written this, and I am probably wrong on all counts. Can't wait to find out if I guessed. At any rate, this is some ((good)) stuff. :0)
Wow, this was very good! I liked the original concept. Keep writing!
Haha! Very cleverly written!
Very amusing. Better watch what I pray for! Just one question: who is Olivia? Quote: 'It gives you heebie-jeebies, to hear Olivia tell it.' So originally I thought Olivia was the narrator.
Too funny. Good job!
This was very funny! A great lesson on complaining. Also reminds me to be quick to hear, slow to speak...not the other way around!
What a great last line :)
Lois, this is great. Very shrewd! It took me a few tries to get into it because of your very apt portrayal of Sylvia's babbling, now I'm glad I gave it another chance. Fun! :)