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This was a sad and intriguing piece. Might just be me, but I was a little unsure of how it fitted into the 'romance' genre though. Perhaps it does, and I've just missed something. Very well written though. It would be interesting to hear a part two to this piece from 'Sparrow's' point of view!
Is this a true story and is there more to it? You held my interest throughout. Could it be that the young boy fell in love with little sparrow? And lost her -- so sad.
This is one of my favorite songs, I cry every time! This wasn't a straight romance but a love story just the same. Well done.
Young love. How sweet, but sad. Good writing. I loved the Sparrow reference.
Aww...I like pieces with emotion and this certainly had it. Well done.
Sad how we don't always realize the love we have for someone until we loose them. Your story doesn't say, but I picture Andy and his family as missionaries. Great job showing Christ's love through His people. I like the dream at the end.
Beautiful story. I love the name you picked for the child--my nickname! :-)
What a fascinating piece! I am left wondering what happened to precious little Sparrow. Great use of emotion and a clever twist on the theme.
Beautiful, sad story. Definitely a love story. So very well written.
Very lovely, touching, moving, inspiring writing from the heart of a romantic. Excellent. God bless.
You could have left the song off at the end. I already had tears in my eyes. His Eye is on the Sparrow is possibly my favorite song. I loved hearing and watching Ethel Waters sing it at the Billy Graham cruisades. Thank you and God bless.