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Hee hee, hopefully she doesn't work the promotions department for the park system! This was good, a little lengthy at times in paragraph but I realize you needed to include all the camping items necessary to scare Beth off! Good work.
I loved this. I don't think I would enjoy camping as much as I do if I had met your MC before my first trip.
The paragraphs with the lists were long and effective. Great job.
I really enjoyed this story! Very comical and oh,so true! it's no wonder camping out as been on the decline for the last two decades
Mrs. Hinkel is delightfully drawn. If I were going camping, she could talke me out of it, too!
I like this! :) Good job! Quite entertaining... Mrs. Hinkle reminds me of Fancy Skinner in the Mitford books... the way she just goes on and on... hehe
What's really funny about this is that it's all too true! You've framed it all in a very humurous way.
ROFL -as another life-long camper....I'd find that a bit intimidating, if I didn't know better ;) Too much fun.
Phew! I think I'd cancel too. Loved the way the story ended and the way your POV character was clueless. *blush* I tended to skip over the second list in as desire to get on with the story.
Beth and Mrs. Hinkel are perfect characters for your story. Amazing how you make them come to life in just this solitary conversation. Mrs. H. would be a great help for a church short-term mission group, helping them prepare! I doubt she missed a thing, for any possible scenario. ^_^ Great entry!