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You managed to be both tender and sweet, and gently humorous--no easy feat! What a lovely, lovely piece.
What a lovely tribute and yes, such a nice balance of humor. The driving lesson about the dead leaf and from your favorite and only daughter were especially funny. Any dad would love this over any old tie!
Nice and touchy with great work of quick and inserted punchlines. Part of me wanted you to keep the First, Second, going on in an actual list, putting those nice quips in the end of each one because the pace to it went from quick and funny to longer bits and so kind with harder to find punchlines. I really liked this though, the sentiment, the use of humor in relationship. Thanks for the read, I think you got the genre down perfectly.
This is sweet, with just the right touch of humor. I love the "writing a letter" approach. I would have loved to hear more detail about some of the incidents - maybe just flesh them out a bit. I enjoyed this.
I like the sense of family and of love that came across in your humorous anecdotes. Good work.
Humorous, sweet and heartwarming...all with only "750" words!
Memories! The letter format works well as a construct for telling several anecdotes. yeggy
Wonderful, humorous, memory piece! Good job.
Oh this was wonderful. Brought back memories of my dad . . . how I miss him. We were close when I was growing up and now he's been gone 15 years--hard to believe. You did a wonderful job of describing a dear relationship with humor and grace. Well done!
A nice walk-or drive-down memory lane of a father-daughter relationship. :) good work.
Sweet and nostalgic--with a nice touch of humor! Good job!
What a blessing we have when we have good memories of our folks. Thanks for the reminder! Cheri
I will echo what somebody said about missing their dad. I miss mine terribly, too, and this piece brought back memories. Loved the coffee anecdote. Three cups in one. :0) Very nicely done.
Humorous flashbacks on family ... I really like it.
Nothing like reading a story that makes your heart smile and feel warm at the same time. Excellent combo and great work. God bless.