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This is AWESOME! I don't want to give anything away to readers, but this is very much a nod to one of the best short stories of all time, Roald Dahl's "Lamb to the Slaughter." Fantastic, I laughed out loud when I "got it."
Super stuff. I'll have to remember how you did this the next time I plan to commit the perfect crime. (just kidding!)Congratulations.
He He. Fun read, and I love your MC's name. Well done.
What an incredible twist!! Great job.
Hilarious! I gotta respect a meddling old woman with good aim. Great job on this!!!
Very tidy mystery! Reminds me of an Encyclopedia Brown case, I love the "pie" and the character of the constable. Wonderful writing!
This was my favorite of all the mysteries! Great plot, character, and description. I surely would like a piece of that pie!
This is very funny. So cleverly written. Great job.
Quite a mystery. Subtle solution, at least for me. I don't think the constable ever got it.
Well done. One of my favourites so far. I was wondering will it go in this direction or that direction and it went in totally another. Good characterisation, dialogue and sence of place. You could save some words by not having both a dialogue tag and an action in the same sentence: 'replied Betty, as she set napkins' becomes Betty set napkins. A most enjoyable read. yeggy
Masterful as usual, Ann. Great characterization, atmosphere, suspense, twist - EVERYTHING. Just exceptional.
Fantastic! Interesting from the first word on. Excellent ending. Loved that the weapon became the pie, was eaten and disposed of. LOL! Great cleverness! Awesome!
Wonderful title! And I love your descriptions... Mmmmm... can just taste that 'deadly' sweet pie! Blessings, Cheri
This was classic! Kept wondering how it was going to end -delightful. Now I'm hungry lol
Ann, as usual I was not disappointed.Your writing is exceptional.I have read all of your work and can't pick a fav because they are all so good.Do you have a book yet?
Ah ha. Loved how the evidence was disappearing before his eyes.....
Perfect resolution!

Glad you linked this for class, mysteries are my favorite read!
Ann, what a story! Love this; perfect example of denouement.
Such a fun story, Ann. Thanks for the brick!