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Well done. I was engrossed in the story right to the very end.
Good build up - good suspense - the only thing it needs is an ending:) I want to know about that letter and how all the details were known! great detail too - so many little things made it that much more interesting!
Very good writing. Very good story. However, I missed the point, I guess. Who wrote the letter? God?
Right on target topic-wise, even down to the nitty-gritty details - but what happened? You've left your audience of readers hanging! Oh, I get it! You want it to be one of those unsolved "whodunit's" that leaves us wondering, pondering, and musing until it becomes a myth or an old wives tale in generations to come, right? Brilliant thinking! Nice job!
You held my interest and I like that you left it the reader a chance to mull it over.
I like that visual 'the floor drew him like a magnet'. Good writing! You drew me in so well that I want the answer to the mystery!
Very mysterious! It makes me wish there was more. I can feel the suspense and share the anxiety. Well done!
Good work here!