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This one made me teary. One nit-picky thing (& note that I am NOT in Masters!) -- I think I might've preferred the Grandfather's words as the very last words of the piece. Very creative & so well done!
Ah, and the music in this piece symbolizes so many things: a person's faith, testimony, purity of living, God-given skills and talents of all kinds, the Spiritual Gifts lived out. Wonderful choice for this week's theme!
I Love the title. It's so familiar and fit well with the story. I see many layers in this story and I appreciate the thought that went into the writing of this very unique entry. I'd givethis music entry a 10!
Great beat and you can dance to it.
How very creative! Good job.
Sad but wonderful story of life going on in spite of death. Good writing. I was in the story all the way.
A lovely story of passing the torch: of music, of faith, of life and love. Very well done
Wonderful allegory, beautifully and sensitively written. The little "note" at the top was a masterful touch.
This story was such a good reminder of the truth that we live on through what we teach those who come after us. I like how you made music the bond that generated love between the boy and his grandfather.
I've often wondered what it would be like to hear music for the first time. This is a wonderful tribute to the power of music - thank you.
I thought it interesting that Steve thought playing music was "a total waste" yet in the previous scene with his father, the kid's eyes are glued to a monitor on his desk. Waste is whatever we perceive it to be.

Nice dialogue between characters. I was wondering how you were going to tie in that lyric from Don Maclean's song. Good job.
I can not imagine a world without music. Just reading this piece gave me a greater appreciation for it. As you said in your story, “…it soothes the soul and brings enjoyment to one’s life.” I enjoyed the relationship between the grandfather and grandson in this very nicely written story.
Wow. This is so emotionally provoking and haunting and amazing. It sent chills up my spine. No wonder you are in masters!
Very touching! I liked the relationship between the grandfather and grandson. Kind of teacher/student. It was nice to have the music still carrying on even after a death. ^_^
Wow! Very thought provoking and a well presented scenario. You drew me in and kept me at the park renewing the wonder of music. Well done Tim! ;)
This is nice, simply written with a lot to think over and chew on. I've always loved stories from the future in which people rediscover these most precious gifts that we take for granted. This gave me chills in places. Very well done!
Oh my goodness, you made me cry! I loved this story, it was sooooooooooo good! Well done!
So emotional! I loved the grandson's progression from not sure what to make of grandpa to not sure how he could go on without him. Wonderful work!
This is a great example of many things, not the least of which is that seniors have much to share with the world. I love anything that honors them and their talents, and this was no exception. Very well done. You get a gold star. ;0)