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A wonderful story beautifully written.
This was beautifully told. Everything melding together so perfectly.
A beautiful story! The opening dialogue drew me in right away--and the main character's "bloodshot eyes" proved an effective foreshadowing that something was not quite right in her life. Very moving message.

I liked the title, too--the use of a personal name at once sparked my curiosity!
I liked the pace of this story. I was thinking that it was all simply another routine music concert but I couldn't have been more wrong. It just shows you how it's good to give others a lot of leeway. You never know what they're going through. Hurray for Dana! Well done, author!
This about made me cry just reading it! Dana is such a wonderful, complicated character I wish I could have known her more. I guessed that it was her father's flute that she'd been playing, but I didn't see the twist that her father was dead. This was very realistic and touching to read. It leaves you with a happy feeling and misted eyes. Well done! ^_^
Wow! And Wow! This is not only beautiful ... it's exquisite! I soooooo loved this piece! Bravo!
Exquisite. You go. Wow. My only request from now on is to please include kleenex with a press button for viewers.:0)Brushing my tears and clearing my throat after being so moved by this. Way to go!
Kind of left me speechless here. This was wonderful.
I am fighting letting out a sob right now this piece has gripped me that strongly. Candid, emotional, moving, and what an awesome way to use music. Absolutely amazing work.
The first sentence caught my eye; I have played the flute since grade school. But I kept reading because the story was so well written and interesting. I had tears in my eyes after reading the ending and I had to leave the room so my kids didn't think something was wrong. Great article!
Yes, a tear-jerker (& I read the commnets 1st & knew what to expect). Very well done!
this is a beautiful piece, but I seem to have read something along these lines before. But its still beautiful!
A beautiful piece, well written. I predicted the ending, however that didn't detract from the overall effect - just showed good foreshadowing :)
This was indeed beautiful. Your foreshadowing was perfect--just enough to give us a hint of what was coming, but not too much. Well done.
me again, and I think I know why it seemed familiar to me. There was an email that I saw years ago about a kid on a random sports team that was a horrible player until the last game of the season when he begged his coach to put him in. Turns out one of his parents was blind and they passed away and this was the first time the parent could see the child play the sport.

I'm sorry for making it sound like I was accusing you of plagerising something. Didn't mean it like that--honest.
A beautiful story! Great job!
LIke the sort of thing you'd read in the "Chicken Soup" books...nice!
This is such a great story. I'm glad that she got to play. It no doubt meant the world to her. Talk about timing!
Remarkable, heart-warming, and a challenge for us all. You so aptly presented a story that illustrates what can be accomplished when we set our minds to it, are dedicated, and committed! Thank you for using Your Gift.
Yeah, you made me cry. My sisters and I sang at our parents' funeral -- they died together in a car accident. We asked the same question -- "Do you think they heard us sing?" Thank you for this story -- it was heartwrenching.
I will comment as soon as I dry my eyes and get rid of these goose-bumps. What a powerful story!
Wow! What a heart-touching story! This was so well-written, and I was very "into" it as I read!
Oh, how you got me! What a beautiful story. Cheers for Dana.
Beautiful. This felt so authentic and engaging.
Chrissy, in my humble opinion, I think this is one of your best, most touching works yet. You had me in tears (and lately it's been difficult to move me to tears.) My applause for a masterful story.
A very well told, wonderful story. Excellent job.
Congrats Chrissy! ^_^
You made me cry!! This was so beautifully done - packed with detail - my daughter played the flute so it had more special meaning - but the ending tore me up:) Great job - well deserved win!!
I am very happy to see you and your article in the winner's circle. A beautiful job, congratulations!
I agree: Exquisite. Masterful. Very good use of foreshadowing. Congratulations, friend!
Wonderful testamony of love and dedication. Thank you.

And thank you for the notice of my placement in the beginner's category.

Congratulations on your #1!

God bless and keep writing.
What a sweet, touching story. Congratulations Chrissy on a well-deserved win!
Chrissy, this is very touching.
Excellent! Thank GOD! for Kleenex. The depth of Dana's devotion to reach the deadline of the recital during a difficult time, astounds me. A good message of perseverance. Congratulations on your win.
Chrissy! Congrats! This is such a lovely piece of writing. I felt like giving Dana a standing ovation as well. I played the flute as a young girl...thanks for bringing back such a flood of memories. Guess I'll have to get it out and play this week. Way to go my friend! Hugs, Val
I really love your stories, and this one is no exception. How beautiful!!