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This reminds me just a bit of Janet Oke, one of my favorite authors. You have the same gift for whisking the reader away to another place and another time. This reads like the beginning of a novel. I'd love to see it expanded. Excellent work!
Beautiful description and a well-plotted story! I love the repetition of the blue flowers matching her eyes. The message is clearly shown.
This would make a wonderful read as a novel. The opening line blew me away. You have a gifted pen. The only thing that bohtered me a bit, was her husbandjust got buried and then she was off to the store. But I know with word count so limited, it would have been hard to avoid it. Didn't bother me enough to not say "Bravo!" to your talent and the great story, descriptions and message.
Love this! Very well done. I've never read Janet Oke but I've seen Love's Enduring Promise. This kept me interested and I could see it played out in my mind like a movie. Would love to see more.
Wonderful story! What a mission voyage. Good job.
I love the fact that this turns stereotypes on their ears--nice writing!
What a wonderful entry with a valuable lesson. I could especially relate to it since I've traveled to Wyoming and visited Fort Laramie.
Sweet, but sad story. I enjoyed reading it. I love reading stories from this time period, you should make it a longer story... a novel? :) More, please.
Oooh. And indian story. ^_^ This kind of reminded me of the little house on the prarie books, the feel and the character were just perfect. I liked the end when she went with Brock. You did a great job with Emma's thoughts. That really brought this to life for me.
Oh - your pen is amazingly gifted (LOL can you send it to me?) - your descriptions are so vivid and wonderful. I was swept away again. I agree - this is a novel begging to be written, my friend!
That was so touching. We should always to be careful and not judge. Great story.
This was a wonderful setting for this story. Loved the description. Loved the recurring reference to the blue of the larkspur in the valley. Great way to tie it all together.
Such a touching story. “How blind I’ve been to the scope of God's love for all humanity…” The story left me with chills at the end. I want the whole story. Beautiful!
Well written, very descriptive, easy reading story. Great job.
Your writing always calls to mind stories told around an open campfire by a a wise medicine (person) : ).

Unless I missed it, my one observation is that I would have liked to have the piece delve a bit deeper into Emma's sense of loss. They seemed to have had such a great love for one another - which you brought out beautifuly.
Mid, It's easy to enjoy all your stories. They are written with ease and continually hold my interest. This one's no exception. Very well done, again! Blessings, Jo
Fantastic, realistic story. It reminded me of my grandmother, around 1916, living in an adobe house in New Mexico. She told how the Indians used to walk right into her house and help themselves to her coffee pot on the stove. In their culture, that's how it was, I guess. That would be disarming before you got adjusted to it!

Mid, because of its excellence, this story DID remind me of an Oke story! Good job!
I just don't know, Mid. A little pitchy in places:)
Oh, this isn't American Idol. In that case, wonderful job again dear maiden. Your stories glide with no effort and allow the reader to enjoy the landscapes and portraits you paint. Another memorable story.
God bless.
You transported me to this place and time so completely. Your writing seems effortless and your descriptions vivid.
These are the kind of works I request at my local library. When you can place me right in the middle of an era and a place I've never been and make me feel like I live there too, then it's a pretty amazing job!
Your gift for painting vivid pictures with words is amazing! I didn't want the story to end. It blesses me that you are praising Him through your gift of words.
I add my name to the very loooonng list of your admiring readers. I've read much of Janette Oke, and yes, you definitely scooped me up and gave me a delightful "escape".
I loved the way you developed the MC. Obviously the word-limit restrained the telling of her grief but all the same, the entire story was well-written and challenging.
I love the message regarding love for your fellow man without pre-judgement.
Well done Mid.