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Hee Hee...My laugh for the day! Cleverly done!
VERY good and just edgy enough to be a delight. LOVED it!
Very clever and entertaining. What an imagination you have!
Hey, I can sew after all! So funny, yet, you've just about turned me into a vegetarian. Thanks for the enjoyable read! Nicely done with creative word choice.
This is easily the funniest poem I've ever read. I rarely laugh out loud, but this one made me literally guffaw. Thank you so much!
Oh my my. Did you say, "rear". I can't believe it:)
Very, very funny and entertaining. I had to read it outloud to my wife. Thanks for the laugh. God bless.
Now that's a new take on the topic! Very entertaining read.
This was so funny! Totally enjoyable and truly well done. Thanks so much for sharing it
My funny bone and my taste-buds were tickled. Very good indeed - woudn't be surprised to see this a winner.
What a riot! Just love that first stanza especially. This is TOO much fun.
So fun and when you start off so strong in the first stanza with rear and keep the piece moving with the same level of creativity, you have to love it. Amazing!
I was intrigued by the title (What could it possible have to do with sewing??), and I smiled and laughed throughout the entire poem! Congratulations on a masterpiece of fun! :D
The first stanza made me laugh. Too funny. Thanks for sharing this.
I just finished reading this to my husband -- who loved the first stanza as much as I did -- and looked up at a commercial on t.v., and there was a turkey. Then we really started laughing. This was so much fun!!!
Sally girl, you are a nut--but we already knew that. This is a classic and you win the prize for entering the most off-beat Sewing Entry. Okay, you may not have made it into the highest ranked entries list, but I bet you gave the judges a huge laugh.

Promise me you won't change!

Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Oh my! I laughed so hard I about booted my dear man out of bed.

This is hilarious!
Makes me want to go free all the poor turkeys out there! Nah, I'm looking forward to every last bite:) Great poem. Just hilarious!
Love it! Cracked me up, and I'm glad I'm not having turkey today!
I LOVED this one. I went to read it to my family just now and wondered why I hadn't commented on it before (and realized I'd judged that week).

Classic :)