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God gave Norah just the right mom, and He gave you just the right daughter. This was sweet and charming, and I liked it a lot. I could really feel both your frustration and your love.
“Footballs R Not Us” ...very funny! You and your daughter are blessed. This is a wonderful article for parents -a good illustsration of why it's important to accept children for who they are, rather than make them into who we want them to be.
This story completely delighted me! I could really indentify with it, as my older daughter and I are also opposites in some ways. She's a staunchly realistic political conservative, while I still have some leftover "hippie" idealism. She is girly--into beauty and fashion--while for me comfort is all that matters. Neither of us are athletic types, though!

Wonderful contrasting descriptions of diverse interests and specific items--loved the frilly bed and the smelly Nikes, etc. I could see, hear, and smell everything!

Great message, too--could relate to that as well, as I see how God is powerfully using my daughter with her unique gifts and personality.

Also was drawn in by the personal name title--those always spark my curiosity as to the name's owner. Great job!
Strong start that stayed strong all the way through. A great read because the mom surrendered the daughter to God instead of changing her. The descriptions right down to the cow sheets were perfect. Great job!
I agree with the previous reviewers. This is a great expose of a mother/daughter relationship, although on opposite sides still managed to stay bonded and with God's help both are proud of each other. The truth is there was always love.
This was a very touching story about a mother and daughter who are nothing alike. I have felt this way with my daughter, as well. Sometimes it seems like the stork dropped her down the wrong chimney....... What you say is true, however. What a blessing she has been to me. God knew what He was doing! You have a few grammatical errors, but the substance is excellent. Errors are easily remedied, but if you don't have the talent to express yourself in new and creative ways, all the grammar books in the world won't help you. YOU have talent. Thanks for sharing it.
This is absolutely lovely and heartfelt and SO true. I needed to hear this this morning too. You have ministered to me, both through your gifted writing and your message.
This was a wonderful message of loving our children for who God created them to be. I liked the description of the mother and daughter as “human antonyms.” I enjoyed reading this and thought the ending was cute. What a lovely tribute to your daughter.
All of the above. You might want to look at the word advise in the third paragraph. I think this should be advice. But this is very minor. It was very well written, timely and interesting.
I loved this from the beginning to end!! The special mother/daughter bond in spite of being 'human antonyms' was wonderful to see. hehe. I love that phrase! :-)
This captures the heart of what a relationship should really be between a mother and daughter. Nicely done.
Written with a loving, wise mother's hand. You've expressed so well how important it is to support our children no matter our different POV's.
Wonderful, wonderful! I can relate to this so much and your love for your daughter was evident in every word. Thanks for sharing this
This is beautiful! I love the mother-daughter relationship despite the sports. The name is very creative too. The ending was my favorite though, with the message. So sweet. ^_^
"Alas, a frilly name does not a frilly girl make." Hehe, great line! Great story. I had the best of both words since I'm fully tomboy and fully frilly, but I totally connected with the story.
I am so thankful that I read this! What a poignant tribute to your daughter and honoring to the God who has created her.
Way to go, Leigh, for giving her the freedom to be and do what she has been wired for.
Your entry would be perfect in a parenting book. With your perspective and sense of humor, the wisdom is so catchy.
Well done!