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took me a long time to figure out where you were leading me as a reader--but the ending is the clincher. Great job.
Thought I'd never get to the "reading" topic...but yes, you clinched it in the last sentence. (by the way, it was Joseph, not Jacob that ruled Egypt) perhaps Thomas read the wrong chapter (smile). But this was a fun interesting read, and an enlightening read. Liked the "stay right there, Moses, I'll be back"...part; neat! Good job.
Nicely done! Children do interact with characters in their imaginations, and you expressed it well. Don't feel bad about the Jacob/Joseph thing, I mixed up Solomon and Samson in my last entry! I really enjoyed this, and felt like I got to know Tommy in just a few words. Good job.
I enjoyed this. For a while there, I thought the story was about Moses. But you really captured the reading category and the child's ability to place himself into the story. Being called to a dinner of chicken and mashed potatoes brought me directly home to the present. Good job.