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You've done a wonderful job with this story. This fellow was "in the picture" like so many of us always are, but he took the time to glance up, toward his Heavenly Father, and found peace he didn't know was possible in that chaos. Isn't that just like God? Very thought provoking. You've got a talent for painting a scene!
Now this is what I call a real masterpiece; the stroke of a Writer's pen combined with God's artistic hand in the morning sky...and the color of death "painted" and "written" in a way that brings the Reader to his/her knees! That's Art, my friend, with a Capital "A". Kudos!
Oh, this is SO good. I am glad I didn't miss it. It's vivid, and the ending is just perfect. I like the unique perspective on the topic, too. Very well done.
Absolutely stunning. Your imagery is absolutely beautiful and vivid. I can't say enough about this.
This reminds me of the short stories of Ambrose Bierce--written with an expert touch.
Such a great reminder of the ugliness of war, but I love the contrast here. Your last paragraph is especially meaningful.
A vivid picture and an excellent use of contrast. Thanks so much for sharing this
Great you-are-there feeling with this piece. Very good descriptions, I love the vividness. A hint of sadness, a touch of emotion and an excellent job with tying this into the topic. ^_^ Thanks for sharing!