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What a clever story! Reminds me that the ability to write really is a wonderful thing, not to be taken for granted.
My favorite part was "Scents of sage and summer savory..." What a wonderful example of the use of alliteration in prose, and of the value of picking precisely the right word. A lesser writer might have just said "The aromas of the nearby herbs caused Theo to sneeze..."

Lovely writing about a world virtually unknown to us now.
Yikes, I hit enter too soon. I meant to add that I loved your title, and the precious message in the last paragraph. You're very good at writing that ends with the climax, rather than with falling action and resolution--perfect for these ultra-miniature stories.
This is wonderful! So full ... so satisfying.
Enjoyable, well written, informative and anointed. great job. God bless.
I could see and feel the life in the monastery through your writing. Your Brother Phelan briefly reminded me of Brother Cadfael of the mysteries penned by Ellis Peters. Very good job of educating your readers.
Brilliantly written with such joy and passion! And I didn't know about that happy accident :)
I'm pretty new here, but this is the best piece of writing I've read yet. I loved the extensive vocabulary used, and none of it was too much, even with all the descriptions. Sometimes people mistake wordiness with good writing; you obviously have the gift of making every word count. Excellent job.
I was transported to the monastery, and could see everything you described. I didn't know about this happy accident, either. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece.
This is astoundingly beautiful and reverent and SO engaging. I loved your characterization of Theo especially, and the wonderful message at the end. Wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL.
This was truly amazing in its detail and the richness of the characters. I loved the detail in this story and the peek into what it might have been like to be a scribe during those times. Thanks for sharing this!
Excellent development of time and setting. I loved your little character Theo, too. It's also a good reminder of the difference one word or even a couple of letters can make. Thanks for this creative story.
Long and drawn out...but very interesting piece of history. Even IF fictional. Well done.
I really liked this, Theo is a very engaging character and I enjoyed following his story to the end. Wonderful writing!
I fell in love with Theo. This is such a wonderful story, and written with excellence. One of my favorites this week.
I so enjoyed this.
Very cool story!! I loved it!