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This is beautiful! Nature always awakens my heart, also.
This speaks to my writers heart. I too write best at this perfect time of day. Thank you for inspiring me to continue to write for our Heavenly Father. Bless you!
This is absolutely beautiful. Soul-stirring and heart-imprinting. Very vivid imagery, and just the right length. I can see, feel and smell the wood, the morning light and the emotions that are hard to describe. I think you did an excellent job of capturing something very elusive at times. Great writing!
I enjoyed reading this. My own writing room is so very different and I live in it day and night so it's always interesting to see how others are set up and what inspires them.
Maybe the dawn wouldn't get me up and running, but the hand crafted antique desk with it's woody scents would do the trick! And a hot cup of coffee. And a homemade Australian cross bun!

THEN I could enjoy the wonders you so elequently painted for the reader and the words that would flow.

You make the reader wish they were there - awesome!

A beautiful devotional written like a pro. Yes, nature's dawn is enchanting and awakens the soul. Nicely done.
I like the way your words get brighter and brighter with each paragraph, until the sun bursts through in the last and shortest one. Very nice.
This is absolutely masterful - you truly paint a picture with your words!
Your writing is extremely vivid. As far as improvements be careful about perspective changes. This, however, is brilliant in descriptions and an excellant read.
This is lovely, and obviously heartfelt.
Wow! The scene you painted here is so incredibly lovely! The descriptions here are wonderful, and I loved reading this. Well done. Thanks for sharing it.
This could have worked for ART as well. The wrods painted such a sensory picture. Masterful. God bless.
An absolutely beautiful piece of writing paired with the perfect title.
I can only say, that what you've so beautifully expressed re-inforces my belief that all writers are somehow kindred spirits.
You put words together like a true poet, leaving beautiful images behind in your reader's mind. I'm going to have to check your member page to see if you have tried your hand at poetry, too.

Thank you, too, for your sweet and generous comments on my writing efforts. I appreciate you, Chrissy!
This is so beautiful and so interesting to read. And all the comments on it are great, as they should be for such a good work. I am glad I call you my friend.