The Official Writing Challenge
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Yep the writing life is not easy but is it worth it? Now there is a question! Thanks for sharing your story.
This had lots of encouragement in it.

I was confused a bit, though--it started out like a short story, with dialog and a "she" character, but then it became an essay about your writing experience. Perhaps a second look to clear that up?

Thanks for sharing your experiences, for the benefits of your fellow writers.
Been there/Done That! Two newspapers in my city; one Editor published everything I wrote - the other published only a very few. It all depends on the individual Editor, their likes and dislikes of a paticular type of writing. Just like the Judges here, or anywhere you send in manuscripts; it's the name of the game. Very interesting and enlightening info for the Writer, not to mention useful. Thanks.
Very good information for one who has never sent anything in to a magazine editor! Thanks for the encouragement.