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Great detail - I was colder and colder the more I read! This sounds like a good start to a longer story - you wove a lot of information into it in so few a words. I felt the ending came abit fast based on how long it took to reach it - maybe stretch that part more and drop some toward the top - when you write a longer story it will give you more opportunity to do that.:) Nice writing!
I agree--expand this one!
I love this setting. This was a good read. I agree with the other commenters, this would be wonderful expanded. Maybe even the first chapter of a novel?
A lovely story of faith, hope and love during the early days in America. Nicely done.
You paint amazing pictures with your words - I would also love to see this expanded - more of a great thing is always good!
I enjoyed this.
Fabulous descriptions and detail heavily laced with Americana! I agree about how this could be expanded into a Christian romance novel! (What is a "wicker"?)
This one brought some tears. Very touching - you wrote it well.
How did I miss this? It's wonderful. You are surely keeping up the good work. Send me your title for this week so I don't miss again!
I was captivated by every word - no wonder this placed so well. Congratulations Mid ... and well worthy. Love,
Mid, my dear Mid, where forth are you now? ON THE EC LIST!!! That's where. Outstanding job! I am so proud for you and so enjoyed your piece. God bless you friend and encourager of mine.
Your story is wonderful! From an era I love to read about. And Indiana too! The story just flowed, never bogged down, absolutely wonderful! What happens next? :o)