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Yikes! What a hard way to learn a lesson! I started out thinking that this was going to be a light-hearted look at a too-hot meal, but you really turned the tables on the whole situation.

"Chili" is spelled with one "l".

This one had me holding my breath, and really feeling sorry for the main character. Good job.
Ooo, strong story! Good job and good point.
Strong flow of events made the read a breeze. Great job!
This is well written and you taught a lesson without being preachy. Nice work!
Wow! Wow! Wow! I was on the edge of my chair while I read this one. You take your readers through so many raw emotions. I was right there while he was choking and at the end while she confessed. You are a gifted story teller. Keep blessing us with your heart felt tales. Great title!
I also thought this was going to be lighthearted, and the truth of it completely took my breath away. You had me gasping over and over. VERY compelling!
Is it chilli in here or is it just me! LOL Chilli, chili, chilly. How many ways can you spell WoW?! I didn't expect it to be lighthearted but I was going to get very angry if someone died!!! LOL Chilli today, Hot Tamali! Sorry couldn't resist! Very well written and exciting story . . . no matter how you spell chilli! ;)
Wow! This captivated me from beginning to end!

And yes - maybe the amount of an unknown allergen would make a difference in the first reaction. So I think you've made a good point.

Talented writing all around on all points! Great stuff here!
I like this piece. It makes a great point. Good job.
Loved the story - I was waiting for him to have done that as a joke to teach her a lesson - that didn't happen though!
I really liked it. Good job. Keep writing, you'll go far.
Remind me to never eat your chili... Good story though... ;)
I couldn't stop reading. You had me on a roller coaster of emotions. Well done.
You surprized me! I thought Tony was messing around- pretending to be dying to get revenge:) That would have been funny. A few small errors, but a fun read, which also made this wife think a bit. Good job!
Poor guy! I sure am glad he didn't die. I cannot help but wonder, will he ever eat chili again? Will she ever cook it again? I both laughed and sat on the edge of my chair as I read. Your description of his reaction was like being there in person, witnessing the whole thing. Good work. God bless.
Yes, very well written, and captivating. Great job.
As the others said, the piece started out fairly lighthearted and humorous and then became very serious. I, too, wondered about the spelling of chili, but it didn't detract from the story.

Great description of Tony's physical appearance throughout his allergic reaction. As a mother of a now adult daughter who had a severe allergic reaction to seafood when a child, I identified with Susan's panic.

This is awful of me, but I couldn't help thinking at the end, when I knew Tony was going to be alright, "Serves you right for buying that chili powder and not considering Susan's feelings." And I admit to chuckling wickedly at the part where she decides on her act of vengeance.

I guess both of them learned a lesson.
Winner here! Surprised me at the end, too. I thought he was playing a joke on her.
I echo the Wows! You really surprised me with the turn to the more serious in this story. I was hanging on every word.
What a gripping read! I didn’t see the story moving in the direction it did and was completely caught off guard. I kept thinking he was joking with her. This one caught my breath as well.
I was fooled too! Very gripping, great job, great writing!!!
The mark of a great story is when you can "feel" the descriptions. With Laurence of Arabia I roasted, with Dr. Zhivalgo I froze (and these were both while watching the movies) and with Hot Chilli Attack, I choked! It was a sobering moment. She almost had one dinner to cook for the rest of her life.... It sure took the focus off of self-centeredness. God used that to grow her character, most certainly. I could relate, too. I once served chili to my husband who was just home from hernia surgery. Well, the Dr. said he could eat anything..... Have you ever seen somebody try to run, on crutches, to the bathroom? Funny and pitiful at the same time! You did a fantastic job at description here, Chrissy! Great job!
If I can find room to squeeze in a brief comment, here (smile), you are one gifted writer, pulling your readers through this couple's ordeal with such skill, we were living it. I shall have to check out more of your writing that I've missed.

I also want to thank you for your comments on my writing. I appreciate you, Chrissy!
Excellent written! Wow Chrissy. Makes me think of my hubby's hot chilli that actually caused me to lose my breath when he hadded habanero peppers besides other highly spiced ingredients. However nothing was to prove a point, he just like to cook hot chilli and wanted to see if he could kick it up a bit, Needless to say, it kicked me right in the tummy and for days since I have had gaul bladder and esophagus problems that, let's just say I was not comfortable,LOL.Your writing just flows girl. Keep up the great work and keep blessing others through your gifts.:0) Thx for the enouragement on my writing as well. Janice+-