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I have a group of girlfriends that is my safe place - a place where we can bare our souls to each other and yet know that we are safe.
Isn't it refreshing to be real? Your poem reflected the "truth" about friendship. No masks.
How rare is a friend whom you can pour all your heart out to without fear of judgment or condemnation. A beautiful poem. It required so much honesty and transparency to even share the whole of it.
"A shining jewel each
To fit in a crown
We forge
For each other to wear"

Very touching thought. Thank you!
David Ian, I know you already know that I love this poem and consider it to be quite outstanding, however, I want to go on record here as well. I believe that the transparency of your piece may have been a little disconcerting for some. However, you truly did show the vulnerability, closeness, intimacy and honesty of those very few friendships that are nearest and dearest to us - if we dare to let them be that way. Well done. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)
Thank you Deb. A finer understanding and endorsement a writer could not have asked for. Thank you one and all for your comments. --David Ian
What can I say? This was excellent. If I was a judge that week you would have been waaay up there.

Sounds like you have an amazing Jonathan. The sharing was intimate and unguarded and causes one to long for such friendship always.

Very well done.

Oh David! How did I miss this one? Where was I? This is a perfect picture and you've capture the essence of a bond stronger than life and death. Wow and tears.
Beautiful, David. Masterfully done as well. Jo :)
I'm more of a genuine kind of person, so I really appreciate transparency in friendship. This is a true description of real friends.
David, this says it all so well. That's a true friendship...priceless. Loved it.