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Very sweet story. Loved this line: "The wild horses stampeding in his stomach caused his words to gallop out of his mouth."
Charming. I loved the way that Henry struggled to get his grammar right – injected just the right amount of humour
delightful story of "perhaps romance?" Loved the lighthearted and flippant teacher's personality. Made the characters very realistic. Excellent job!
I love it! Quite charming, and I felt as if I could see and hear each of your characters.
Henry is such a loveable guy, and Halley so lighthearted - what a pair! I loved how this ended - and the wonderful job you did with characterization!
A really cute story. This is nicely written and you did a good job of developing your characters for such a short piece. This is one that leaves the reader wanting to know more. Good job!
This is such a fun story! I thought I had already commented on it, but noticed I hadn't when I re-visited. Thanks for the day-brightener (twice!).
Left me smiling. Interesting take on the topic. Strong sense of place and realistic dialogue. yeggy
A sweet and enjoyable story. I felt like I knew the characters by your descriptions. Thanks so much for sharing this!
A fine job on characterization with such limited time. You also were quite effective in taking us back to the days on the prairie.
Very fun story! Watch for POV shifts, but otherwise great job!
If this was any more fun, I couldn't stand it. I could literally see the two main characters. You really brought them to life. Excellent!
Catchy title! This was a cute story, Henry works his way into your heart and Halley was quite the 'catch'.
This is such a touching and heartwarming story. I loved it. Very well deserved win Deb!