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Great story! I've found a similar story in my life...I always thought I'd end up in Mexico, but for now God has me working other places. :-) Well-written.
I have no idea if this is really true, but it sounds like it is, and I *so* want it to be. It's a great idea. This was well written. Thank you for sharing it.
Beautifully told... right on target. I loved this story.
A very nice story! I enjoyed this lighthearted piece and wished I was at your F.U.N. Club meeting. Well done!
This was a good narrative, and a terrific idea for missions in your own backyard. The only thing I would have liked to read about toward the end was your husband's reaction to the F.U.N. club. I know you started the article with a reference to the divorce, then the fact your family had to move to a different apartment, but then there is no more mention of your ex.

The rest of the narrative was great and I'm glad you shared.
So true ... life rarely goes as we plan it. But God's has a purpose for each of us. Very good story.
Sometimes the mission is right before us. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.
Loved this! Especially the happy ending, and she discovered she was a missionary after all. Great job!
Very good. I enjoy reading from somebody's heart when their passion is exposed in their work. Keep up the excellent writing. God bless.
Loved this! Excellent writing skills!