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Ohhhhh, I soooo needed to read this. My Amanda is thirteen! I'm in that second phase you spoke of. "No, you can't go to spend the night but you may stay until 10:00!" etc, etc . . . And I just told her the other day that I will still have to police her for quite some time. Thank you for the verses.
A rare gem - finding a really, truly interesting read in a devotional type story. Or, perhaps the gem is the devotional with an enlightening anecdote - whatever! It worked. I liked it. Kept my interest. Made sense -and Well written.
Yes, I definately relate! I liked the stages and the mother's reactions to the child. A great reminder to keep prayer as our #1 defense for our children.
Very nicely done. Enjoyed the depth and detail of the story. God bless.
I loved this--your writing style is very pleasant. I also found it fascinating, the great contrast between Helen's approach to this topic and yours. A family of very gifted writers! Having raised two daughters, I can attest to the accuracy of the situations here. Good job!
You blind-sided me with your use of police! This usage had crossed my mind, but I couldn't think of a viable way to present it. You did, and did it well! Super job with this very important take on the word police!