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Brilliant! Interesting, entertaining and enlightening! Loved the story, and/or Dream...and the message it brought forth. A bit light on Topic, but loved your last phrase. Nice Job.
Interesting dream. Great analogy. You did a nice job with the story. My only suggestion is to try to lay off the word "was" a bit. There were many places you could have done away with it.

For Ex: Then it hit me. There was no time left.

Instead: Then it hit me, I had no time left.

That gets rid of one.(:
The title really grasped my attention. I snorted with laughter about the furry legs and 'pits. Hehe. Not many guys can really understand the whole ten-minutes-to-beautyify-myself thing. But I sense that we have a connection. ;) Anyway, loved the ananlogy.
I have dreams like that! Awesome story, great writing, powerful message, and I LOVED the ending line.