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The Chia pet on my laptop dies for lack of attention - I'd hate to think what a real one might suffer. This is great stuff!
Neat story that connects well with the devotional. yeggy
"Branded a murderer, it’s hard to shake my past. Without as much as a murmur, my two brown thumbs speak volumes on behalf of my limp ferns."

I loved that line. I agree so much with you about having 'brown' thumbs instead of green ones. I also agree with veggy that it does tie in nicely with a devotional. Great job--keep on writing.
Quite a difference between manslaughter and plantslaughter; however, the story was light and a pleasant read. Thanks for sharing.
Ah, JoJo, you always make me laugh - even at 5:24 in the morning! I almost went this route myself this week with my entry - your character sounds a lot like me - Ugh! I can't even keep an artificial plant alive! Thanks for the chuckle - and the devotional tie-in at the end. Great work!
The devotional tie was so subtle, I wasn't even aware it had happened. Well done... humorous and thought-provoking. Well written.
Very nice! Loved the humor here. It is an enjoyable story.
So funny, and I love the kicker! "Re-gifting" cracks me up!
Such fun! Loved beginning, the end, and the laughs in between! So many favorite lines!!
Such a fun story! I felt a little cognitive dissonance with Sasha being described both as stylish and a "clueless type", but otherwise a great article!
Awwwww, I can just see Charlie! Glad he rated better than the violet (poor thing): "...just yesterday my purple violet bit the dust and joined last month’s progress report in the trash - bless his shriveled petals."
Enjoyable/light but with a good point. :-)

Our cultural references are obviously different as I have no idea what a Chia Pet is. I am assuming it is a houseplant? I appreciated the humour you injected into the article.
"...bless his shriveled petals." Hehe. I loved that line. I also almost went this route, but you wrote it much better than I could have. I must say, at first, I thought this would result in the demise of the poor Chia head.