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Such a beautiful heartfelt story. Very well done. I enjoyed this immensely.
A touching tribute. Well done!
How precious! Such a heartwarming story and a beautiful tribute! Thanks for sharing! :)
"Gone fishing with Dad" ... excellent!
Very nice and heart warming story! The only nitpick I would have is that I got a tad distracted by the Kelly / Kiley names. If you could eliminate a few, by saying Kelly followed her daughter or something, it might read easier. Probably because they're so close-sounding, they jumped out a bit more. Just my .02. Otherwise, a beautiful story that left me with a smile. :-)
Obviously a topic that is close to your heart. You portrayed the characters clearly and this piece also had a strong sense of place.
Okay, I cried. Great story, I could see myself appeasing my daughter when she's full of faith and I'm full of "reality"! A great reminder that we should have the faith of a child! I agree with the other critique, the only thing I would say is that Kelly and Kylee got a little confusing but it also made the family more believable I know a lot of families that choose names for their children that are close to the parent's (my husband is Gary and we have a son, Garrett)! I loved reading your story!
Oh, my goodness. First goosebumps, and then tears. What a heartwarming story. Thank you so much for sharing it. I really needed to read this one!
Very sweet story, and adorable title. The outcome was a bit on the predictable side...I wonderful if there's some way you could have twisted it a bit? Very well-written and fully-realized characters.
Very realistic characters - and I love the sign - just perfect! I also found it a bit predictable, but it was still SO delightful!