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Very cute and a great not-so subtle message of growth and potential leadership. Good job. Underdog is my favorite character and reminds me of me, as a new Christian, when I am faced with challenges that are difficult; when following the crowd might initially seem like a good idea. I enjoyed your story.
Very cute! This would make a wonderful children's book. Underdog could be the hero!
Definitely a cute children's story! Though the kids would wonder if they had owners how they got to roam the streets! I can even see a story within a story for that!
I suspect this is an allegory. The different dogs represent the different folks in this world. Some resent the fact that God made the rules and want a world in which they made all the rules. But the one's who come the closest to Underdog are the one's closest to the Creator's heart. And He had blessings to give. Thank you. Either way, a child's story or an allegory, it was skillfully written.