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LOL! Where do you get your ideas from? I could live a thousand years and I'd never have come up with this story. Loved it.
I love the way the conversation flowed. Good life lesson too.
I lived in a town whose river flooded houses regularly and what was so shocking was that this river was made of water and yet it left behind all this mud!
Your piece has natural dialogue and makes a serious point very gently.
Wonderful, creative and delightful story! Love it!
I agree. Where do all these stories come from. (hmm... could it be from Him) This was great and the dialog simply wonderful. A great life lesson here. You never cease to amaze me, that is for sure. Wonderful!!!!
Fantastico! Great story, and written extremely well. Couldn't even find one goof-up; and I tried! (smile)
Such reality in the dialogue, and such a great message echoed down through two generations! I loved it...kept me interested from top to bottom. Kudos!
Very good! You've created very believable characters with distinct personalities, in just 750 words. First rate!
Great dialogue. Loved the characters and the idea of history repeating itself.
Loved this, Sue! Great dialogue, and I really enjoyed the whole "full circle" issue. Great character development, too!
Oh Sue. I really enjoyed this. My eyes watered, I smiled, and just really enjoyed spending time reading your story. I loved it. A very solid, professional, smooth piece of writing. You're one of my favorites. God bless.
Great story and your dialog and characters rang true! I can easily imagine this being true! Well done!
Exceptionally well told story
What I like - loved the dialogue, very realistic. Felt like I was watching a scene from a movie.
What I might change - nothing at all - well written, Great job!
Ooooh, that's good! Great job with the characterization and the dialougue. That thing about the car...that'd get my attention right quick!
Great stuff. Great writing.
Well, I think it's all been said. But, I'll say it again. A wonderful vignette with a great life lesson. Excellent in every way. Blessings, Marty