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Thanks for writing this. I, too, miss the old hymns and the choir that used to sing so beautifully. It's hard to feel worshipful with the music pounding in your ears like a rap song. And where is the creativity when you can't find more than a few words with which to praise your God? I'm with you all the way.
A good reminder that worship doesn't have to occur only in church. I love those old hymns - they speak praise to our Lord. This is nicely done and held my attention throughout. :)
A really great story lost in a maize of typed words running together with no paragraphing and no spacing.

I loved the story, the message and the truth behind the difference in the two churches. Gospel music and old hymns do more for me than a thousand sermons. Thanks for this personal insight.
Well done (except for the formatting mentioned above)

I've lived what you write.

Praise the Lord He does have jewels to be found in the words and melodies of some of the newer music. But, like you I miss singing the harmonies of hymns we memorized as children. Well done!