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Wow. This is truly a powerful piece - and a great reminder of the saying, "freedom isn't free." One Man paid our price - and we are free today.
Thanks for sharing this, and God bless,

I once tried to calculate how many sins the Lord paid for on the cross, even supposing that a person commited only one a day for 75 years. Multiply that by all the people in the world, past, present and future and pour out the punishment for all of those on Christ. What you describe here gives us a taste of how terrible the payment exacted that day was. Excellent writing.
The image of the hovering, then tipping chalice is excellent and highly creative...very fitting this eloquent and moody piece.

Change "course wood" to "coarse wood".

Normally, I wouldn't care for the final address to the reader, but in this piece it really works. Great job.
Incredible imagery - Golgatha comes to life with these words.

This especially grabbed me: "The chalice tipped, spilling out its black, murky substance, drenching him in its wrath, crushing him under the burden of the world’s sin."
So very, VERY vivid and convicting!! This is amazingly wonderful and wonderfully amazing. A fantastic and totally "new" look at something that many of us DO take for granted! I never will again!!
A powerful description of the last moments of Christ: the stark and brutal scenery, the eclipse of the crowd into silence at the supernatural transformation into darkness and the descent of The Infernal Chalice of Holy Wrath". Great stuff here.
You sure do have a way with words. I've added this to my favorites list. Awesome, awesome, job.

May the Lord continue to guide your quill as you write to glorify HIM!
Powerful story. I'm hard-pressed to find trouble spots in the writing.