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I doubt I have ever read words put together the way you have done to express such devastation. Every line spells out anguish without relief. Thank God you still have enough resources left to feel rage. And, at the end, even a glimmer of hope. You have a gift for powerful writing.
You wove a great message into these words of despair, then hope. Nice job and a good read. thank you.
"I do not hate life or the One who is Life but only the shadow that hides Him from me..." Your portrayal of the valley is so raw and painful, yet hopeful in the end. You couldn't have addressed the theme more appropriately. Great job!
You did a great job with a very difficult topic. All too often we don't understand the hopelessness that comes with despair. In the end, you provided a little sense of hope - of life beyond the valley of despair. As a hopefilled person I would have wanted to see a little more hope... a flower, the sun. Something to draw the person through the valley.
This is powerful! But I wasn't sure if Philip was lost in actual death or the seeming 'death' of autism or something similar. I have experienced the first but not the last.

The sorrow and anguish, the final clutching at hope,were all worded so eloquently that I was reminded of our own loss and the emotions connected to it. In the end, I just want to say thank you for expressing it so clearly.
Awesome. Very very good. I have been toying around lately with this style of writing. There is a tremendous amount of intentionality in it. I think you hit it head on.
This is so raw it's absolutely painful to read. So often we want to paint a silver lining on the cloud when we don't see one. Thanks for the honesty.

I agree with the prev. comment this work needs a little work, and then it would be marvelous.
So very, VERY vivid and heartwrenching. Agree with above comments too - but this just grabbed at my gut and pulled! Wow!
What can I say? Such pain, such honesty. You translated your emotions, your pain and left my senses reeling. Powerful!!
One word: POWERFUL!!

Your every word evokes a response from the reader and you made me go back and read this several times.

I would not be surprised to see you in the EC, and on your way to Master's soon.
Powerfully written - wow.
This has to be a winner. I have never read such raw emotion before that took my breath and put me right there in it. I think you must be living it to be able to express your pain so well. In Christ's Love,

Your work goes beyond words to the dimensions of the soul, not totally understood but by the familiar sense of beauty God has graced into our hearts. For your kind remarks left on my "Golden Thread" all I can say in return is touché. Your work is remarkable.
Wow! This is amazing... and SO sad. Is this true? My heart breaks. Your writing is beautiful. (your recent poems on my entries a great! -- you are very talented)
I am left in the grip of your emotions. So much of your heart's very blood is spilled into this poem. I only wish I could voice how your words tore into me.