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A really funny piece with a very sobering ending. You can't fool God. I enjoyed this a lot, although the change of tone at the end was a bit of a jolt.
Enjoyed the creative take on this topic. Great quips and fast pace really drew me in and kept my attention. Nicely done.
Sally, You've clinched the word "bizarre" with this one - but, it's sooo creative and fun! Can he whip me up a foreskin rug too? LOL :)
Extremely creative!
Hands down on unique and creative. Such tongue and cheek. God always gets the last word. I liked this a lot!
Like a little kid...arguing for the sake of arguing with no hope of winning. Hmmmm, how many times do we do this ourselves??!

Loved the foresking rug - whew!!
(wipes sweat from brow and hides embarrassment)

Loved the images of God and Jesus responding to the banter. :-)

Very creative and brave. God Bless.
Very creative. Really makes one think about the way we approach the Lord. Good job.
Definitely belongs in Masters! Creative, well written and a wonderful story!
I love God's reactions to Saul's whining. Very creative take on this one!