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It kept my attention. You have an imagination that's for sure. Keep up the good work. I like it. :)
Really good allegory--I can see young teens enjoying a novel in this style.
You captured my attention with the opening rhyme and held my attention throughout. I echo what the others have written! Great story and message!
I too agree with the above mentioned comments, but let me add that you have a very gifted imagination. This is a very descriptive and captivating piece. Please keep writing.
I agree with Jan, this would make an awesome novel for young adults. Great writing!!
I agree with the others. Well written, kept my attention.
I really like the fantasy style of this piece. I can see older children and teens really enjoying this. It seems like something that could be made into a graphic novel, even.
This is wonderful - and your final sentence is PERFECT! The fantasy style was very fresh, I thought, and engaging. Lovely!
It takes a very unique kind of person, I reckon, to be able to inhabit a stange world, and draw one's readers in alongside. Clearly you are such a person. GOod job.
Don't listen when people tell you teens and kids will like your fantasy. Fantasy is written for adults. I love fantasy and am not ashamed to say I loved your piece. You included faith and fantasy together which I appreciate. Keep up the awesome work.
This is great. Flows well and makes me want a whole book to read. Planning more? Keep writing!
What is to be said after all the above. Super job. Very unique. I loved this
Not much to say that hasn't already been said except 'I' too enjoyed this. Keep up the awesome work.
What more can I say, except that I'm so glad I had a chance to read this. It's wonderfully imaginative and captivating. Wonderful writing.
Great! this has potential to be expanded into part of a larger piece, or a group of shorts. :)
I was acting as a judge last week and really loved this piece. Your a wonderful fictional/fantasy writer. This was a wonderful piece.Honestly, the only thing that I thought let your stroy down was the ending. It was a tad confusing. Anyway, great talent. I would like to see more fantasy/fiction. I think it's needed. You could start a new trend! You definately have the talent.