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Cute little story! :-) I'm sure we can all identify with Wooly at some point in our lives.
A wonderful parable, and written so beautifully that even a child could understand the meaning. How ironic that his coat was black, that he wanted to do things "his" way, and that the straight and narrow path wasn't for him. Such a wonderful way to learn how easily it is for people to go astray. Loved it! Good job.
I think it. It was so cute and fun. You just want to squeeze Wooly. Nice work.
Wooly sounds sooo cute. Have you ever thought of having this published? It's very good and I can find no errors. Really do love it.
I along with the rest think this is a cute story, however; I could see this illustrated as a childrens book. Such a good lesson and in a way children could understand the consequences of disobediance and God's heart toward them. I loved Wooly. Brenda C.
I agree with Brenda - this BEGS to be a children's book. I just may print it out and read it to my 5-year-old. A wonderful little story with a profound truth!
You've got my vote for a children's book. I'd buy it. Alot of children would benefit from this story. Oh and you could also have Wooly teddy bears. Awesome job.
Wow! This is terrific, Caitlynn. I've been a collector of all things "sheepish." Wish I'd stumbled onto this earlier. I absolutely love this great story. Five *****s for you, my friend!