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As I was reading this, I was thinking "I hope it gets back to the zombie illustration"--and there it was! Perhaps the first devotional here to feature zombies--and very effectively. Good job.
You have a good use of words and brought together a nicely written, well-thought out article. Good points made and flows well. :)
This was a very interesting devotional, and I like how you tied in the "living dead" with the "living dead Christian"; however, there is one factual inaccuracy in your first paragraph. The people who invent horror films and scary stories did not create the concept of zombies. The Voodoo "religion" created the concept of zombies (people who are, in a sense, brainwashed into thinking they are dead or who are given potions to render them "nearly dead"), and people who write scary movie scripts borrowed this idea. Sadly, zombies are a very "real" part of living in a fallen world.
My favorite line in your devotional:
"I will approach and read scripture with the goal of improving my mind with knowledge rather than improving my heart with hearing the Lord's voice."

You've brought a very important point to your readers' attention. Thank you!
This is a true analysis of the lives of many of us - we are "The Living Dead". We read the Word but do not practise it. The first two commandments should always be our guide. Thanks for reminding us of this truth.